Economics Research Paper Writing, Help with Format, Outline, Intro, Sample Topics

Help with Writing Your Economics Research Papers

Many college and universities publish their own research paper writing guides to help students improve their skills, they suggest ways and sources to research and highlight the important steps in writing academic assignments. We have too developed a page designed to assist with writing economics papers. Some tips, thought, might be valuable for writing any type of essays and research papers.

Out guide will tell you about the understanding the purpose of your research, your goals and how to achieve them, we will cover some tips on choosing and understanding the economics topics, introduction and conclusion writing. You will also learn more about how to format your script and what the requirements for a good academic paper are.

The research and paper writing purpose

There are many questions that are still unanswered, so your task as a research paper writer is to ask the right questions and answer them by means of research. You will have to tell the reader about your findings, provide good data and its analysis to support your thesis statement.

Your goals are:

Ask yourself a question that is important to answer

The your audience what had been found by you

Tell why the answer you found is convincing enough

Show the process description and the reason for such results

Economics questions and types of papers

Economics questions have two major tasks: the first one is to find a solution for a particular problem and the second one is to find the particular response of a variable to an exogenous shock. For instance you can answer on a peanut butter increase as the result of jelly price increase. The difference in types of economics research papers is in the way how they answer those questions: empirical, theoretical and theoretical plus empirical.

Theoretical papers

Theoretical papers are written in such cases when it is not possible to find a reliable data to research and analyze. The writer does assumptions relying on the theory and tries to predict the future.

Empirical papers

Empirical economics papers are easier to write because a writer has all the data and information needed to do research and analysis in order to define that the outcomes will be. As a rule the data is collected during experiments or observation. Depending on the way of data collection there are two types of empirical research paper in economics: experimental and observational.

Theoretical plus empirical

This type of paper combines both ways of getting data and defining the outcomes.  Tips on how to write economics papers
–          Brake down the research paper writing onto small parts. You can start with writing an easiest for you part, then you can move to a more complex tasks. Writing huge papers is a step-by-step process, keep this in mind.
–          Pick up on interesting topic to research and write a specific research questions that is interesting to your reader
–          Make sure you know how to format and cite your paper correctly. Sometimes professors requires special format of a title page and pagination. Contact your tutor for clarifications.

Once you finish the writing part, you should proofread and edit your research paper if needed.