Charles Darwin and His Famous Brands

Darwin as a Brand, Using Name of a Scientist by Companies and Services

Charles Darwin is the famous scientist, geologist, and naturalist, who brought to life the most unique, controversial and influential theory of evolution. The well-known English scientist also came up with the concept of natural selection to explain the basic laws of nature. Darwin’s works have had a great impact on the human life, and his ideas changed not only people’s minds but also science and the whole world. Most people consider Charles Darwin as a great genius who was able to find answers to the main questions of life. This is why we try to honor the memory of the great scientist in various ways, from wonderful monuments to the British 10£ banknote. Even the asteroid was named after Charles Darwin in 1991. But the most important thing is that his name is still in the air thanks to the famous brands, which will be discussed below.

1. Darwin’s Operating System by Apple

In honor of the influential scientific figure, Charles Darwin, Apple once decided to develop a new operating system core for Mac OS X. Also, Apple applied the next technology to create Mac OS and the Mac OS X. Darwin is compatible with the FreeBSD distribution. The format for applications in Darwin is called Mach-O, and it’s mostly supported by Linux program.

2. Darwin’s Clothes

The next reason why Darwin is such a popular name in the modern world is the well-liked clothing brand. Darwin Clothing highlights the natural shape of a male body, producing the most convenient and stylish clothing items. The company also uses only elegant and beautiful fabrics, together with a new fit, to sew suitable clothes for men.

3. Darwin’s Shoes

Not only the elegant line of men’s clothing is famous for the name of the famous geologist. The most popular brands of footwear are partly related to Darwin, or mother nature, for example, Adidas, Reebok, Puma, and more others. For instance, one of the latest Nike trainers were named after Charles Darwin, or finally, the owner of Reebok found rhebok (the speedy antelope) a perfect name for his brand.

4. The Darwin Awards Will Blow Your Mind!

If you haven’t heard about the Darwin Awards yet, you’ve probably slept for a century. The candidates for winning a Darwin Award sacrifice their own lives to improve the gene pole and save the humanity. They choose the most stupid ways to die, thus showing people what to keep away from and how to behave in the modern world to survive. As they say, this is done to make the human race perfect and much stronger.

The ways Darwin Award winners killed themselves are impressively idiotic, for example, one man smoked in an oxygen tent, the other one climbed into a zoo cage, or a woman was hit by a train (not accidentally, of course). So, the Darwin Awards is a controversial issue but it’s certainly worthy to value our lives and stay careful every single moment.

5. Darwin Essay, A Nice Student Writing Service

We all remember that Charles Darwin’s theories and ideas made a great impression on the society and helped us understand our beings. This is why Darwin Essay, a freelance service, puts much effort to provide students with professional writing assistance. Inspired by Darwin, this creative team does its best to help everyone write essays, course works, thesis and other academic papers.