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Help with Writing Argumentative Essays

What is an argumentative essay?

The argumentative essay is a style of writing that demands the student to research a topic; gather, produce, and assess facts; and express his attitude to the topic in the format of an outline.

Please mind: Don’t confuse between between the expository essay the argumentative essay. These types of writing are alike, but the difference in the argumentative essay consists in the quantity of pre-writing (excogitation) and survey engaged. This type of essay is usually looked upon as a keystone or a terminal project in first year writing or courses in progressive composition and includes lengthy, detailed survey. Expository essays are briefer in length and include less research. You can find examples of both types of essays on the web.

Your argument essay must include special components, if you want it to be efficient. That is why, before you start creating an argument essay, you have to take some time to plan and prepare.

Pick a Good Topic

It’s better to take into consideration several questions that might contain two conflicting points of view or very diverse conclusions, if are choosing a suitable topic for an argument essay. As you review a list of topics you should select one that really sparks your interest.

While a strong concernment in a topic is substantial, it’s not sufficient to be just interested. You must choose what position you can support with facts and reasoning. It’s one thing to have a strong belief, but when molding an argument you’ll have to elucidate why your opinion is rational and logical.

As you research the topics, create a mental register of points you could use as proofs for or against an issue.

Think Over Both Sides of Your Subject and Take a Position

Once you have chosen a subject you strongly oppose to, you should enumerate points for both sides of the argument and choose a side. One of the first points in your writing will be to present both parts of your issue with an evaluation of each. Of course, you will deduce that one side (your side) is the right conclusion.

In the designing stage you will need to ponder upon strong arguments for the “rivalry” side. Then you’re gonna shoot them down!

Collect Evidence

When we speak about arguments we could imagine two red-faced opponents speaking quite noisily and making dramatic movements. But the reason is that face-to-face arguments often become emotional. In fact, the act of arguing includes ensuring evidence to support your statement, with or without emotions. There are plenty of online tips and prompts on how to give arguments without emotional coloring of your discourse.

In an argument essay you will have to give evidence without making too much fuss. You’ll research two aspects of a topic (briefly) and provide arguments that will help you to prove that one position or side is the best one and to explain why.

Tips for Your Essay:

Avoid affective language

Know the discrepancy between a rational conclusion and an emotional viewpoint

Don’t invent evidence

Refer to your sources

Make an outline (you can find some samples on the internet)

Be ready to defend your side by knowing the best arguments for the other side. You might be affronted by the teacher or by another student.